Comparing Sensible Corset Design Plans

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Earlier this year while promoting the mental health initiative Heads Together, William and Harry both said they wished they had spoken more about their mother. They have also talked about their sadness at not having been able to protect her when she was alive. Now they are doing everything possible to honor her memory, including commissioning a statue to stand in the grounds of Kensington Gardens. For William and Harry, it is a deeply personal tribute (they will be able to see the statue from their apartments at the palace), just like this documentary. What seems so clear is that this film has been a much-needed healing process for them both. Diana was a royal mother like no other. As Harry says in the film: “She smothered us with love, that’s for sure.” A young woman who married into the royal family and had to learn the ropes as she went along, Diana became a star, a global icon, and ultimately the most famous woman in the world. She eclipsed her serious, buttoned-up husband, who could never compete with his daring, fun-loving, fashion-forward younger wife.

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